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My daughter started using some of your products for her eczema and it is working awesome. I am wondering if you have any products that you could recommend for psoriasis located on the scalp. Thanks!
~CS, Wisconsin~


Got some of your lotion at Strawberry Festival this past summer. Bought two jars for me, also the men's lotion in pump form for my son. We absolutely love your products.
~JH, Wisconsin~


I don't always have the time to write but am taking the time to do so now. I have dry skin on the back of my left hand. While almost any lotion seemed to help, none of them have any lasting relief. I bought a bottle of your Eczema Cream this past October at Cranberry Fest in Eagle River. It is the best product I have ever used. It keeps my skin moist and looking great for days at a time with only one application. You should be proud of this product. Thank you!!
~JL, Michigan~


My son has been using your Eczema Cream on his hands for about 6 months now, and it's amazing what a difference it makes. He has struggled with eczema since he was a baby, and your cream is the only thing that has helped. Thank you for a great product.
~LD, Ohio~


Wow--love on the Hand Cream! I've been a repeat customer since 2011 sometime but last month is the first I ordered the Hand Cream. The scent is light and just elusive enough to drive me crazy...good crazy! It's a wonderful body cream, not just for hands...
~DH, Hawaii~


Dr. Jonathan, I met you with my husband at Cranberry Fest in Eagle River. It was there where I tried your product for the first time and ended up buying a jar of the scented eczema cream (Hand Cream). The product works!! First time in three years that I have been getting relief from a cream. Thank you for caring and producing such a wonderful skin product that I can trust in. The delivery was so fast too :-)
~MW, Wisconsin~


Thank you so much. I just placed an order. I can't wait to get it. My son is disabled and has eczema badly on his hands. At the disabled place he goes to daily they use anti-bacterial soap, which really makes his hands a mess. Your products help his hands so much. Better than any creams his doctor has given him. I'm so glad to have found your products. Thank you.
~JR, California~


I have to tell you that the eczema cream is working great for my mom. After just one or two applications her skin looks great compared to what it was; she had a rash like issue over most of her upper body (a symptom of the liver cancer she is battling), and the rash and itching is all but gone right now. Not sure if you deal with other cancer patients or not, but I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Who would have thought a little jar of cream that I bought at Cranberry Fest in Eagle River last fall for my dry winter hands would make such a difference in a cancer journey. Thanks for a great product!!
~MP, Wisconsin~


Thank you, Michelle, I received my package of 5 lotions today! Everything arrived damaged bottles. Love your product...I'm hooked. I love the lotion so much, that when I can't get the remaining lotion out of the bottom, I take a sipping straw ( no, I don't sip it out) and just get it out little by little scraping the bottom.
~PW, Iowa~


Just wanted to let you know that I know someone who is in the later stages of liver Cancer. Your cream is taking care of that horrible itching that comes with liver Cancer. Bless you.
~Nancy B.~


I want to say thank you for your wonderful products. I have had psoriasis all my life. I was in Michigan going to school when one of my friends told me I should try your products. She said her dad also had psoriasis and this was what he used. Having tried many different things I decided to give it a try. Your Eczema Cream is wonderful. It always keeps my skin hydrated and it doesn't smell like all the other psoriasis products out there. I apply it after I shower and it keeps my psoriasis calm for the entire day even during winter's harsh weather. I also tried the cranberry oil and the cranberry oil lotion, which I absolutely love. So again thank you for your products. I will be a life long customer and your products will be the ones I recommend to everyone who needs a good skin product.
~TC, New Jersey~


Hi Michelle, your ears should have been "ringing" this morning as I was telling several other gals about your lotions/creams...just sent two of them your website. Honestly, this is the first winter I have not had the split dry fingers...Thanks again
~DH, Wisconsin~


I have been using your lotion for about 3 yrs. now. About 2 1/2 yrs ago I kept breaking out with rashes that nothing, including cortisone would help. The only lotion that didn't burn was your cranberry oil lotion. I included this lotion in the testing of 132 patches on my back by IU Dermatology. I was allergic to 13 different chemicals...mostly in soaps, lotions, metals, etc...but I wasn't allergic to Dr. Jonathan's Cranberry oil lotions and soaps. Thank you for making these wonderful natural products!
~GV, Indiana~


Thank you Michelle! I wanted you to know that I bought a jar at the CranFest in Wisconsin a week ago. It is the ONLY creme I can put on my psoriasis-covered arms that doesn't hurt when I put it on, and it stays cool and soft until the afternoon. I use it 3 times a day and it is the best thing I have found so far. Thank you for this wonderful product!
~ CA ~


Good morning,
You may not remember me as customer, but I will never forget your products. About a month ago, I ordered your cranberry lotion. My 14 month old grandson had itchy raw ankles. the left one would itch so badly that he would rub it on a carpet until it would bleed. Cortisone cream helped some, but never completely cleared it up. As a nurse, I knew that steroids are not a good answer for an infant. A nurse friend of mine told me about your product when we were talking about her son's, and my grandson's skin problems. She said she had picked your product up at the Waupaca Strawberry Fest and it worked "like magic".
Thank you so much for these wonderful "potions"
~ SH ~



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